Thin Client Computing for Enterprise

Take a look at your business’ current PC set up. It’s likely your company has a number of standard desktop computers connected to your network. But what if could dispense with these computers and use small centrally managed PCs that offer lower costs and fewer upgrades?

Thin clients are a cost efficient and energy saving alternative to PCs. They are totally secure with no hard drives eliminating the risk of local data loss due to unauthorised access or data theft. Thin clients are much more reliable than PCs as they come without fans or rotating hard drives. The low energy consumption helps to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. And they cost less to acquire than traditional desktops, are deployable in minutes and can be managed centrally.

Zinopy partners with DellWyse and IGEL to offer a wide selection of secure, dependable, cost-effective thin clients intended for both office users and super users and designed to integrate easily into any virtualised or web-based infrastructure.

Key Advantages of Thin Clients for Enterprise:

  • The devices are very low cost, robust and with much longer usable lifespan than PCs
  • Applications only need to be installed and updated on the server – No need to individually manage each device (as with a PC)
  • The data is centrally stored (as opposed to locally) – This increase data security and compliance and makes it easier to backup
  • Users access the same desktop environment, data and application from whichever terminal they connect from
  • The low energy consumption helps to reduce costs and CO2 emissions

Traditional Standalone Architecture vs Thin Client Architecture:


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