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F1 - board complexityCyber security has gone from a niche IT issue to a consumer issue and boardroom priority. And it’s a topic that’s increasingly in the news, whether it’s a group of teenagers hacking into telecommunications giant Talk Talk or the payroll records of over 300 Irish civil servants inadvertently being sent to HR departments other than their own!

All information, including employees’ records, is of value to the cyber criminal. And when an attack happens the risks range from loss of revenue to fraud, brand and reputational damage and even a fine from the Data Protection Commissioner if you don’t take proper care of your data.

With EU legislation making reporting of breaches mandatory and with potential fines for non-compliance of up to 4% of Global Turnover or €25M, not knowing what is happening within your IT systems is no longer acceptable.

Trends such as escalating cyber-attacks, disappearing perimeters, the increasing complexity of today’s IT landscape and resource constraints are some of the IT key challenges facing businesses in every sector, vertical and of any size today.

Organisations need visibility of their network to be able to detect intrusions in real time and to take appropriate counter measures to protect their business.

Zinopy can help

To help organisations with the security challenges they face and with the ever-changing IT threats landscape, Zinopy has developed inSIght Security Intelligence, our Managed Security Platform powered by IBM QRadar technology and designed for any organisation that is concerned about their security posture and wants to minimise the CAPEX and OPEX outlay associated with delivering a Security Operations Centre.

Find out how Zinopy inSIght Security Intelligence provides organisations with visibility of their network allowing to detect intrusions in real time and to take appropriate counter measures to protect their business.

InSIght Security Intelligence combines Zinopy’s Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) based at our dedicated facilities in Ireland, committed and highly trained security analysts continuously investigating security incidents and a unique toolset powered by the IBM® QRadar® market-leading Security Intelligence Technology.

Using inSIght, you will leverage Zinopy’s SOC, security experts, best practices, correlation capabilities and security intelligence on a 24×7 basis, to protect IT assets and information in the rapidly evolving threat environment.

The service provides you with the metrics, monitoring and management to address the Security, Compliance and Risk Analysis requirements of your organisation.

The Service Is Designed To:

  • Provide a central point for monitoring, synthesizing and acting on threats.
  • Prepare for and respond to cyber incidents.
  • Prevent cyber threats from impacting the business infrastructure.
  • Provide insightful cyber-risk and compliance reporting.
  • Ensure that groups managing critical infrastructure components, such as firewalls, IPS, and routers are aware of potential threats to enable quick remediation of risks.

Key Features:

  • InSIght Service is powered by IBM® QRadar®.
  • Managed Service provided for On-Premise, Private Cloud or Hybrid solutions.
  • 24×7 security event, log monitoring and analysis.
  • Real-time security event response to known and emerging threats.
  • Collect and parse logs from 400 different device types
  • Agent and agentless collection options available.
  • SIEM detail and summary reports, plus regulatory compliance reporting.

Zinopy inSIght, built on the IBM® QRadar® solution, collects, analyses and stores security information from your network, systems and critical applications. Data collected includes Logs, IP Flows, Asset Information and associated Vulnerabilities and integrates this with threat information from IBM X-Force® to help identify threats in real-time.

This service extends visibility beyond the network to the application layer, helping organisations achieve more effective and targeted identification and mitigation of security threats posed to their environments. It also validates compliance with most regulatory and industry standards.

  • Strengthen Security – Zinopy’s dedicated SOC monitors your managed SIEM deployment 24×7.
  • Improve Compliance – Helping you demonstrate compliance with regulatory and industry standards.
  • Lower Risk – Real-time monitoring lowers the probability of a successful attack and mitigates the risk of damage.
  • Increase Efficiency – No additional operational overhead to invest in SIEM or to manage a dedicated team of analysts.
  • Reduce Costs – Our subscription-based model reduces your upfront capital expenditure and lowers on-going costs.
  • But Time – Zinopy handles day-to- day network monitoring, saving time on event log monitoring, analysis and reports

Zinopy has been successfully delivering IT security solutions and services to a wide range of private and public sector organisations in Ireland for 25 years. We are one of the most experienced IT security providers in Ireland and we are committed to technical expertise and transparency in everything we do.

We have an established team consisting of over 20 local, certified, experienced and enthusiastic technical professionals and the team is constantly growing.

    • Experience and expertise – Zinopy brings 25 years of experience and expertise in Security technologies, along with the benefits of a local and highly skilled security response team who support risk treatment plans and drive improvements in the security posture of your organisation.
    • Long-standing partnerships with Security vendors – We work closely with all our Security technology partners to bring our customers in-depth knowledge and practical know-how on the latest product information, version updates, upgrades and configurations.

Zinopy inSIght Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Built On Proven Technology
The Zinopy Managed Security Service is built on the IBM® QRadar® technology and is delivered from our Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Dublin.

Continuous Monitoring
Our team of skilled security experts manages every aspect of the service, from creating and managing up-to- date security content and correlation rules to reviewing identified security incidents up to and including 24×7.

On Or Off Premises Options
While the personnel are based in the Security Operations Centre (SOC) the infrastructure on which the services are built is in a data centre or indeed in many cases on premise with the customer. This is optional and provides peace of mind to customers who are governed by stringent compliance policies and regulatory obligations.

Bespoke Solutions
Each solution is bespoke for each customer providing all necessary levels of business continuity as required.

ISO 27001 & PCI DSS Compliant
Zinopy managed security services operate in compliance with industry best practices outlined by ISO 27001 (information security management system) and PCI DSS (payment card industry data security) standards.

Managed Security Resources

As the security landscape becomes ever more complex, the potential financial and reputational cost of a data breach is rising. Check out our Infographis to discover the challenges of today’s threat landscape and learn how Zinopy’s inSIght security intelligence managed service can ensure your organisation is secured 24/7.

Zinopy Video

Zinopy is one of Ireland’s leading IT Security solutions and services provider and an experienced IBM Business Partner. Check out this video to gain insights into the security challenges facing organisations today and how Zinopy’s inSIght Security Intelligence can help address these challenges and keep your organisation secure.

Zinopy Infographic Video

As the security landscape becomes ever more complex, the potential financial and reputational cost of a data breach is rising. Check out this video to discover the challenges of today’s threat landscape and how Zinopy’s inSIght security intelligence managed service can ensure your organisation is secured 24/7.

Expert assistance – on site or remotely

Our dedicated security support team is made up of highly skilled and enthusiastic technical support analysts who work with you to ensure that the security, integrity and availability of your systems is never compromised and that the security solutions and products your organisation has invested in operate efficiently, deliver their promised protections, and are brought back online as quickly as possible with minimal disruption.

We provide a single point of contact for support on all of the solutions in our portfolio. Our technical team can assist you in person visiting your location or via remote-assistance using Citrix Go To Meeting, where a member of our support team can view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard to get you on your way to a solution.

Security Technical Support Services