Mobility is increasingly becoming a top priority for enterprises. Today more employees than ever before are demanding access to the apps and data that will make them productive on-the-go. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and all other mobile devices have simply become a pervasive business necessity with tablets rapidly gaining popularity in the enterprise, enabling convenient mobile productivity for all types of users. But this explosion of devices and apps is changing the way IT professionals support people and technology.

Enabling, managing and securing mobility isn’t an easy task but it does need attention – and quickly. If you aren’t managing it, your users – from the most senior to the newest junior recruits – will take it into their own hands. At Zinopy we understand that the new job of IT is to give users device, app and data freedom while gaining control and managing the influx of mobile devices and the corporate data on them while meeting user demands for mobile collaboration.

What about Security?

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices give people greater flexibility, mobility and productivity. But the increased use of these devices, along with the growing trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), has heightened the security risks for organisations and created new challenges for IT.

As both personal and corporate data may be on these devices, it is important that organisations take appropriate safeguards to protect the data  and stay in control. Without adequate controls – new ways of working can introduce unacceptable risk.

Data loss through unmanaged mobile apps, loss or theft of mobile devices and malicious software, all create significant security threats, and need to be actively managed as part of your overall risk strategy.

As a trusted partner, Zinopy understands the information security and risk management challenges faced by your organisation. We deliver secure mobility solutions to customers like you who need to quickly access information, anytime, anywhere.

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How can Zinopy help your organisation?

As Ireland’s leading Citrix Platinum Partner, Zinopy is strongly positioned to provide and deliver Citrix XenMobile™ (PDF) , a fully comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution that offers all of the following benefits:

  • Configure, secure, provision and support mobile devices
  • Secure email, mobile web browser and document sharing apps with Worx Mobile Apps
  • Enterprise-enable any mobile app
  • Unified corporate app store
  • Seamless Windows app integration
  • Multi-factor single sign-on

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Whether delivered as an on-premise mobile device management server or cloud solution, XenMobile™ (PDF) lets you manage the device lifecycle with application and data access across every major platform including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Microsoft Windows 8.

Why Zinopy?

As a Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, Zinopy holds Citrix’s highest level of partner accreditation. We are the leading reseller in Ireland to have been awarded this accreditation which recognises those partners that have demonstrated outstanding success in architecting, planning and delivering Citrix virtualisation and mobility technologies to their customers.

Zinopy are well equipped up to design, implement and support a mobility strategy for your organisation and we are strongly positioned to give you impartial advice to ensure that our mobility solutions are perfectly tailored to your requirements and your budget.

Most importantly, we are proud to have a large engineering team of 20 highly skilled technical staff who are certified with industry-recognised qualifications appropriate to their job role and are selected for their suitability based on predetermined core competencies.

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