Mobile Device Management

People are always on-the-go, and their mobile devices go with them. But when things get a little out of control, sensitive business information could be put at risk.

Having access to corporate apps and data from mobile devices is essential for productivity. More devices, however, does not have to equal more complexity and security issues. Now you can easily manage all those devices and keep business data secure.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows you to centrally manage and apply policies from the cloud, actively pushing these to selected devices – wherever they might be.

MDM also acts as an extension to your core risk and security strategy allowing the active management of corporate policies. And as MDM supports iOS and Android operating systems, you are free to embrace BYOD initiatives without worrying about compromising corporate security or restricting choice of mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management at a glance:

  • Leverage role-based management to keep data secure on both corporate and personal devices
  • Give users the flexibility to enroll the devices of their choice
  • Protect your network against devices that are out of compliance
  • Easily expand to a full enterprise mobility management solution

Benefits of Mobile Device Management:

  • Cloud based – push policies to devices wherever they are
  • Centralised – apply consistent policy management and updates
  • Scalable – add protection to as many devices as required
  • Modular – choose and add functionality to suit organizational demands

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