Atlantis Computing: Gold Partner


Zinopy is an Atlantis Computing Certified Partner

Atlantis Computing is a software company that optimises how storage is consumed in virtualised datacenters. Atlantis award-winning solutions enable our customers to cut the amount of storage used by each virtual machine (VM), while boosting application performance and delivering increased storage flexibility in the datacenter.

Atlantis offers 100% software solutions that work with any enterprise storage, any server, and any hypervisor. We help build virtual storage environments that are simpler, faster, cheaper, and easier to manage—delivering dramatic ROI.

Atlantis solutions offer comprehensive optimisations for virtual workloads such as databases, Microsoft Exchange, Big Data, test & development, line-of-business applications, virtual Citrix XenApp implementations, and virtual desktop deployments.


Contact Zinopy to enquire about Atlantis Computing solutions:

T: +353 (0)1 8976750