IGEL: Accredited Partner


Zinopy is an IGEL Accredited Partner

IGEL Technology is one of the leading international IT companies offering solutions for server-based computing and desktop virtualization. IGEL Technology is one of the world’s leading thin client vendors, Europe’s No. 1 in linux based thin clients and UKs fastest growing thin client brand (data according to IDC Thin Client Tracker 2013).


What are Thin Clients?

Thin clients are a reliable, cost efficient and energy saving alternative to PCs. They increase data security and compliance with laws and regulations like HIPPA as sensitive data is not stored locally and the use of USB-ports can be managed remotely by the administrator. Thin clients come without fans or rotating hard drives therefore they are much more reliable than PCs and increase the overall availability of IT. The low energy consumption helps to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Together with an efficient remote administration of all local thin client settings they offer a fast return on investment. The introduction and roll out of Cloud Computing or virtual desktops or classis server-based computing becomes economically favourable when cost efficient thin clients replace PCs. The  Total Cost of Ownership / TCO of the IT infrastructure is decreased sustainably.



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