Email & Web Security

Malware and other malicious code can exploit the vulnerabilities in your email and web applications and attack your network, leading to system degradation and data loss. You need a robust email and web security strategy to protect your network from threats such as web-borne viruses, email-borne spam, spyware, malware, phishing attacks and Zero-day or Advanced Persistent threats.

Zinopy can help your organisation to:

  • Design, supply and implement secure email gateway solutions to protect you from email borne spam, malware of denial of service attacks.
  • Encrypt sensitive emails and manage delivery of the encrypted email to end users – corporate, business partner or consumers using best-of-breed technologies.
  • Detect and prevent attacks launched against your web infrastructure.
  • Deploy web filtering technologies to protects users and organisation by restricting access to a range of potentially dangerous sites and content, blocking inappropriate Web surfing to millions of URLs

Zinopy have been deploying email and web security solutions to our clients for the past two decades. Over the years however these solutions have evolved to meet the much bigger challenges now facing organisations, challenges that today are driven by data protection legislation, contractual and industry compliance requirements. We understand these challenges and will advise you with the best possible solutions to address them while at the same time fit your business’ needs.

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