For many, virtualisation is just about servers. For others, it’s only for global IT infrastructures. However more and more businesses are discovering that virtualisation actually addresses some of the most fundamental frustrations and inefficiencies found in organisations of all sizes, such as:

  • Efficiency (Infrastructure) – Low server utilisation levels, over architected infrastructure
  • Efficiency (Process) – Inefficient processes to build and deploy desktop devices and servers
  • Budget (CapEx) – Lack of budget to purchase new hardware as needed
  • Budget (OpEx) – High running costs of current environments
  • Scalability – Lack of space to expand infrastructure
  • Continuity – No or overly complex backup/restore capabilities


Zinopy is Ireland’s leading Citrix Platinum Solutions Advisor

The reality is that today’s businesses need an IT infrastructure designed for data but also tuned to allowing mobility and flexible ways of working (flexwork). If your IT staff spends all of their time managing IT, they won’t be working with you to drive innovation. You need your infrastructure to help you in the marketplace, to help you innovate, to help you be more competitive, to help you thrive. However trends such as mobility, flexwork, bring your own device (BYOD), and cloud computing mean that more people, including mobile users, business partners, outsourcing providers and other contractors are accessing enterprise, applications and data from more places, on more devicesand in more ways than ever before. This rising complexity in how organisations collaborate puts information at risk.

Desktop virtualisation gives organisations a better and more effective way to secure their information and manage risk.

Zinopy offers a range of virtualisation solutions designed to help SMBs  and Enterprises be more agile and more secure. Our Solutions are offered as both On-Premise and As-A-Service.

On-Premise is based on a traditional ownership solution whereby the Customer takes ownership on the key assets (hardware and software) – CapEx based

As-A-Service is based on a more recent adoption model whereby the Customer leases a Service for Desktop or Application delivery – OpEx Based

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How can Zinopy help your organisation?

Zinopy delivers across all the key virtualisation disciplines including desktop virtualisation, server virtualisation, applications virtualisation and storage virtualisation, and is a leading Citrix supplier in Ireland, having been awarded the ‘Most Influencing Irish Reseller (PDF)’  award by Citrix in February 2014.

At Zinopy, we take a holistic view of virtualisation and we work with SMBs and Enterprises to boost the capacity of their IT infrastructures in a cost and space efficient way. We can provide you with impartial advice as to which technology is right for your needs and are very focused on aligning your overall virtualisation strategy to your organisation’s business strategy and future needs.

From strategic formulation, through the design and implementation of virtualisation programmes, to the provision of tailored managed and professional services, Zinopy is committed to ensuring you achieve the maximum benefit that virtualisation can offer which in return will boost efficiency, productivity, availability and profitability for your business.

All deployments are unique, with differing timescales, business objectives and budgets. We understand that, so will seek first to understand your specific requirements through business and technology assessment workshops.

Why Zinopy?

As a Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, Zinopy holds Citrix’s highest level of partner accreditation. We are the leading reseller in Ireland to have been awarded this accreditation which recognises those partners that have demonstrated outstanding success in architecting, planning and delivering Citrix virtualisation technologies to their customers.

Zinopy has been successfully delivering virtualisation solutions to public and private sector organisations in Ireland for over 20 years. We’re geared up to design, implement and support a wide range of vendor products in the virtualisation spectrum whether desktop, server, user or storage virtualisation, and we are strongly positioned to give you impartial advice to ensure that our solutions are perfectly tailored to your requirements and your budget.

Most importantly, we are proud to have a large engineering team of 20 highly skilled technical staff who are certified with industry-recognised qualifications appropriate to their job role and are selected for their suitability based on predetermined core competencies.

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