Virtualisation for Enterprise

Many enterprises turn to virtualisation when they want to boost the capacity of their IT infrastructures – but in a cost and space efficient way.

Virtualisation allows organisations to uncouple applications, desktops, servers and data from being dependent on any one physical device, maximising productivity, hardware utilisation rates and business continuity plans.

If your enterprise organisation is looking at ways to streamline the business and reduce its running costs, then an effective virtualisation strategy and the deployment of IT services over a virtual environment can bring a multitude of benefits:

  • Device Consolidation – Operating multiple applications on common hardware, leads to the reduction the number of servers required to support applications
  • Reduced Operating Costs – Reduction in server power and hosting space costs
  • Rapid Deployment – New applications can be rapidly deployed without the need for new infrastructure
  • Automated Disaster Recovery – Virtual Machines can automatically failover to other physical servers
  • Lower infrastructure running costs by reducing and consolidating the number of servers and amount of storage hardware required to run applications
  • Introduce always available, on demand applications and desktops to information workers from any location on any device and over any connection
  • Implement simple, cost effective and reliable business continuity and disaster recovery solutions
  • Simplify IT management and administration
  • Implement green IT policies that dramatically reduce the amount of power, space and cooling required to run IT systems.

As the largest Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor in Ireland, Zinopy has extensive experience in supporting enterprise businesses implement a wide range of virtualisation strategies including desktop virtualisation, server virtualisation, applications virtualisation, user virtualisation, storage virtualisation and access virtualisation.

The Zinopy Virtualisation Model for Enterprise

Virtualisation is happening at the desktop, operating system, server, storage and networking resource levels, and offers many benefits to organisations tackling mobile device management issues.

The Zinopy Virtualisation model for Enterprise is based on best-of-breed solutions enabling medium and large IT environments in enterprise organisations to vastly improve efficiency, free up resources, and cut costs without sacrificing performance, security, and existing investments.

Our virtualisation model for Enterprise is based on five main components:


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