Desktop Virtualisation for Enterprise

Zinopy delivers desktop virtualisation solutions that help enterprise organisations centralise IT desktop delivery services, standardise core IT services such as remote access and security, reduce management complexity and enable employees to work on any available device, anytime, anywhre.

Our desktop services are designed to help companies regain control of their desktop environment, reducing the cost of management, improving data security and increasing productivity.

Zinopy works closely with Citrix to provide Citrix XenDesktop, a solution that transforms Windows desktops into an on-demand service that can be accessed by any user, on any device, anywhere, with unparalleled simplicity and scalability. Whether workers are using the latest tablets, smartphones, laptops or thin clients, XenDesktop can quickly and securely deliver virtual desktops and applications to them with a high-definition user experience.

Why use XenDesktop to transform your desktop computing environment?

  • Innovative technologies in XenDesktop enable you to turn your vision for a more flexible, mobile and agile desktop computing environment into a reality.
  • Citrix HDX technology delivers a rich, complete user experience that rivals a local PC, from optimized graphics and multimedia, to high-definition webcam, broad USB device support and high-speed printing.
  • Citrix Receiver, a lightweight universal client, enables any PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or thin client to access corporate applications and desktops—easily and securely.
  • Going far beyond the limitations of VDI-only solutions, Citrix FlexCast delivery technology gives each type of worker in your enterprise the virtual desktop that’s right for them—hosted or local, online or offline, standardized or personalised—through a single solution.

Members of your workforce can access any Windows, web or SaaS application on demand through a single interface. Simple, self-service provisioning reduces desktop management costs and complexity.

Built on an open, scalable, proven architecture, XenDesktop gives you the simplicity, flexibility and scalability to meet any requirement, while fully leveraging current and future investments.

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